How to search for measures? 
The database works with various filters which can be used according to your needs. In addition to entering court and case details, you can carry out:
    - a free text search (with autocomplete);
    - a search by relevant legislation, searching for the individual legislative act;
    - a search by party names (with autocomplete);
    - a search by subject, selecting the options of interest;
    - a search by keyword (with autocomplete);
    - a search by date of delivery, using the calendar;
    - a search by outcome, type of procedure and case status, selecting the options of interest.
More than one filter can be used in your search.

What can I find and how do I navigate? 
On the right of the screen you will find the search results selected from the database according to the filters selected. The filters can be changed even after the search has been launched if necessary.

Clicking on search will open the web page showing the decision (if the case has already been decided) or a summary of the claim (if the case is still ongoing) and all the documents made available by the database: the full orders for preliminary rulings, the Advocate General's opinion (if any), press releases (if any), the national court's orders following preliminary rulings (national suivi) and hyperlinks to the Court of Justice's website for those who wish to know more.